hook&emma + 4.01 a tale of two sisters

Wanna go home and see what’s on Netflix?
- I don’t know what that is, but sure.

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Don’t worry, Anna. I will find you.

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For the rest of my life

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Why now?

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The point Virginia, is we have a opportunity here to find a cure and not just for me, but for millions of men. We’ve drifted away from the work I admit that, but…but this is the way back. I’m b r o k e n and you’re the only one who can fix me.- Bill Masters S2x010

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"You’re a wizard, Harry.”

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But you know it. That’s everything, isn’t it?

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New still from Season 2

New still from Season 2

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Mr. and Mrs. Northman

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I like you a lot…

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