I like you a lot…

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Get to Know Me Meme  Favorite TV Shows [1/5] 

   ↳ NCIS (2003—present)

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You’re the Worst opening credits

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Aubrey Plaza and Chris Pratt arrive at Sundance NextFest Film Festival Premiere Of ‘Life After Beth’ at The Theatre At The Ace Hotel on August 8, 2014

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Norway; 2014 | by Atle Rønningen
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Dear Harvey and Jessica,
There comes a time when a man must look at himself in the mirror. To judge himself instead of waiting to be judged by others. And for me, that time is now … this is the only place I’ve ever worked. It’s the only place I’ve ever wanted to work. It is my life; it is my home. And the people that work here are my family. You’re like my parents, and the partners, they’re like my brothers, and the associates, under my care, are like my children. And I’m ashamed to admit it, but I put all of you in jeopardy for my own personal gain. I told myself it was for the greater good, but the truth is I just wanted to feel on the same level as both of you. I can deny that no longer. I can excuse my actions no longer. Although we’ve had our difference over the years, there are no two people I respect more. Your names are on the wall for a reason and mine is not for a reason. And I refuse to put either one of you through the pain of having to fire me. So effective immediately, I, Louis Litt, am resigning from Pearson Specter. Please take care of my home.

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Well, this is a great city, you know, it’s definitely the best city in Indiana, probably America, possibly the world. 

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DRACO MALFOY APPRECIATION WEEK → day seven » favourite ship

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This was upsetting; here he thought they were all friendly and intimate after confessing their darkest secrets to each other and she has to be like

bill no take a goddamn step back son

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Why don’t you like to be touched?

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